8 Ways to Be Eco-Friendly and Chic This Year

Is the team at Selfridges HQ reading our minds? Just as we started to pen a piece on how a girl can put one foot into a more sustainable fashion realm along comes their latest blockbuster project, Bright New Things, where all of the above is coming to life right now. On the shop floor this month you'll find designers from Katie Jones, a knitwear designer who specializes in using surplus yarns and fabrics, through to hat brand Mich Dulce, who utilizes sustainable fabrics and traditional weavers in the Philippines, all wrapped up with the kind of super-luxe bow you'd expect from London's innovative department store.

Alongside these retail trailblazers there are many other ways you can nod to being a more responsible shopper. And none of them include wearing hemp sacks.

Scroll down to see the eight ways you can be eco and definitely chic-o today and forever more…