15 Shopping Hacks From Girls Who Always Get the Good Stuff

In case you couldn’t tell, Who What Wear editors spend a lot of time shopping. Whether it’s finding something special for our closets or culling the best new arrivals for our readers, we’re pretty proud to call ourselves experts. We’ve also spent a lot of time picking the brains of other smart shoppers who possess a certain ability to, simply put, score. So today we’re bringing you must-know tips for getting the best stuff when shopping, because there are a lot of little things you can do to make a difference.

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For those pieces that are just slightly outside your price range, it’s important to know when friends-and-family sales are so that you can take advantage of blanket discounts and get the piece you really want instead of settling for a different version. More importantly than this, though, familiarise yourself with the brands different retailers exclude from these types of sales so that you don’t get your hopes up only to be disappointed at checkout!

If you’re constantly finding that pieces you like are sold out—whether it’s in general or in your size—learn when new arrivals come in, both online and at your favourite brick-and-mortar stores. That way you can be among the first to shop them!

If an item is really amazing but too big, consider tailoring. It can be worth the extra few bucks to get that piece you really wanted. Not sure if the repairs will be in your budget? Check out our handy guide.

Sometimes the greatest finds are in the most unexpected sections. Venture outside the racks you’re familiar with, and you’ll be amazed at what you can find.

When shopping, ignore brands entirely. That way, you won’t be affected by what you think you know (or don’t know) about a designer, and can keep an eye out for pieces that are simply great. You might just discover your new favourite brand!

At the beginning of the season, make a list (or a bookmarks folder, if you prefer to shop online) of the items you love most. If they’re over budget at full price, check back for them when sales start. It sounds simple, but sales can be really overwhelming, and you’re more likely to score if you know what you’re looking for.

Did you know Tuesday is the best day to shop online? Statistically, it’s the day that most retailers post sales and have new arrivals.

Always ask yourself this: Do I like this item because it’s on sale, or is the markdown just an added bonus? If it’s the latter, then buy. If not, definitely pass, because your interest in the piece will fade after you get over the excitement of the discount.

Unless you have a deadline such as an event (though even in this case, we don’t recommend settling), never give up on finding the perfect item. If you’re looking for the ultimate fringe sweater, don’t buy one just because it comes close. If you need that perfect blue wash of jean, check every website until you find it! You’ll never be happy with a piece knowing it’s not as good as what you originally wanted.

If your usual size doesn’t fit, don’t be afraid to try a size up. Separate brands cut their sizes differently, and the fit is more important than the number on the tag. Also, sometimes an oversize fit actually makes an item look cooler than intended!

There’s usually no fee for getting put on a wait-list for an item, nor is there a penalty if you change your mind once it becomes available. If you really want something, sign up for the wait-list—especially online, where you can get an email notification and buy it right away!

Oversize cardigans from the men’s department, boxy T-shirts from the boys’ section—sometimes looking elsewhere in the store can serve your needs better than sticking to womenswear.

If you have limited time and are only scanning the store racks, keep your eyes peeled for colours, prints, and textures that stand out to you. These are going to be the more interesting pieces in the store.

Private labels (stores’ in-house designs) have a bad rap, but people forget that the stores are designing these things based on what their customers like and buy. Often, a private-label piece is an improvement on another brand’s item, in both style and price!

While it’s nice to get the opinions and advice of friends and salespeople, sometimes you just have to follow your gut. That means feeling neither pressured to buy nor discouragement from buying a piece you feel really strongly about.

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