Online Shopping 101: How to Actually Find What You’re Looking For

We here at Who What Wear not only pride ourselves on our online shopping skills but also genuinely enjoy online shopping for both its convenience and its wealth of options. However, it’s been brought to our attention through friends and readers that not everyone feels the same. Some find it difficult, others tedious, and some just don’t know where to start. So today we’re spilling our secrets for finding exactly what you’re looking for online.

 Scroll through for the only five things you need to know and then to shop the things we’re regularly asked to help find! 

When looking for an item by a specific brand, always start by searching the style name on Google. If you don’t know the style name, try searching “shop” followed by the name of the brand, and you’ll get a majority of the retailers that sell it. Once you’ve found the item, you can then use the shopping section of Google to compare prices.

If you’re on a site with a lot of products like, say, ASOS or Revolve Clothing, then the “filter” or “refine” option is your friend. You should be filtering not only by category (such as dress) but also by brands you like, colours that speak to you, price, and size. When looking for something really specific, you can even go as far as sleeve length and overall style. With each filter, the results lessen, and that way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by an abundance of options.

When searching for items online, you should be up to date with your fashion terminology, or at least know the proper word to describe what you’re looking for. A ruched skirt, for example, is very different from a ruffled one—and you wouldn’t want one coming up when you’re looking for the other. When you can properly define your target, you can pull up accurate search results, whether it’s in a search engine like Google or on a retailer’s own site.

Product aggregators, such as Polyvore, ShopStyle, and Who What Wear’s own shopping section, can be extremely helpful when it comes to tracking down a specific item or comparing similar ones. Whether you’re itching for a specific top you saw whose brand you can’t recall or want to compare a variety of designers and prices, typing in the details such as “white lace top with short sleeves” and then filtering the results to your specifications can lead you right to what you’ve been looking for.

Whether you’re in the market for basics, shoes, or the comfort of a great return policy, in order to save time, you should always have an idea of the best retailers for what you’re looking for. When shopping online, simply take note of how some sections compare to others and what you like about each different site. That way, you can go straight to the best one next time you’re on the hunt for something.

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Do you have any tips for online shopping? Share them with us (and our readers) in the comments!