5 Secret Ways the Girls We Know Shop eBay Like Total Pros

If you're an avid Who What Wear reader, you'll know we're experts when it comes to shopping online. But when it comes to knowing how to shop on eBay? That's a tricky business. How do stop yourself from missing out on that bargain you're after? Is there one particular thing you should be keeping an eye out for? Also, what's the deal with fakes? Can you keep that from happening? I had plenty of questions, but it's quite hard to find answers.

The thing is, there are plenty of secret eBay shoppers who have many a savvy trick up their sleeves—you just have to hunt them down. My Twitter followers and Facebook friends were an untapped resource for solid eBay shopping intel. So the next time you're considering browsing the site, make sure you read these tricks first. Keep scrolling for the fives rules on how to shop eBay.