14 Shopping Mistakes That Always Make Us Cringe

Any fashion editor will tell you the same thing: They hardly ever go shopping. Now, whether that's a truth or just a warped comparison (in a world where we spend quite a great deal of time perusing products for our readers and occasionally, accidentally, subconsciously purchasing stuff along the way) is up for debate. I'd agree that I don't really go shopping often. I might head out if there's a special occasion coming up (like when you're searching for that ultimate wedding-guest dress) or ahead of fashion week's demanding outfit schedule, but I've learnt enough over the years to make my shopping jaunts—no matter how big or small, frequent or infrequent—worth it. I've had the phases where everything I've bought has been unworn, left to languish at the back of a closet with moth sachets and the tags still left on, but no more, my friends.