How to Strategically Shop the Christmas Sales Like a Fashion Pro


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When is a discount not a good discount? When you’ve bought something you’ll never wear, and it languishes, gathering dust in the back of a closet. This mistake is easy to make when the frenzy of the Christmas sales comes around, but this season we want to make it easy for you.

We’ve harnessed the knowledge of those who really know what’s worth snapping up as much as they know what should be avoided. Fashion buyers are at the epicentre of stock movements, the inception of a brand boom, and they always have one foot in the next season, keeping their fingers firmly on the pulse.

Here are eight tips on how you can navigate the cut-price craziness with grace and some seriously successful wardrobe additions. Scroll down to get the buyers’ advice and top buys now…

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.