The 5 Golden Rules of Shopping on Amazon Fashion

Amazon hardly needs an introduction, but the fashion section can be overlooked, as many don't realise how much of a treasure trove it is. However it can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, and so, as part of our How to Shop series, we have developed the ultimate strategy for finding the very best on Amazon. Keep scrolling to see our five golden rules for shopping on Amazon Fashion.

1. How to Find the Cooler Brands on Offer

Amazon Fashion can be difficult to trawl through, so you might not realise that there are a number of cult contemporary brands available here too, such as Scandi favourites Gestuz and Filippa K. The best way to discover these brands is to visit The Boutique.

2. See Street Style Star's Guest Edits

How to shop Amazon Fashion: Linda Tol



Amazon often turns to some of our favourite street style stars to put together tight edits of the key items they are known for, and most of us lean on in our own wardrobes. We love Linda Tol's guide to her favourite blue jeans and Alex Stedman's edit of the best Breton tees.

3. The Trend-Led Pieces You Might Not Realise Are on Amazon

How to Shop Amazon Fashion: Find


Amazon Fashion

Amazon Fashion might not be known for its high-fashion trends, but it's trying to change that with its new line that launched this month, Find. This is its first-ever fashion brand that taps into the trends circulating on Instagram, such as sock boots and printed wrap dresses.

4. Don't Just Jump Off the Homepage

"At Amazon Fashion, we keep on top of the seasons by highlighting our stories each month on the Amazon Fashion homepage," explains Maria Jansen, trend director for Amazon Fashion Europe. "This month, we've featured a New Classics edit. These anything-but-basics are perfect if you're looking to update your everyday wardrobe and a great way to find classic pieces with a quirky twist, such as polka-dot culottes or backless loafers."

5. How to Find the Pieces That Can Be Shipped That Day

How to Shop Amazon Fashion: Find


Amazon Fashion

The best thing about shopping for books and electronics on Amazon is that the delivery is seriously fast, and it's the same with many pieces on Amazon Fashion. To find the one-day deliver pieces, make sure is the seller.

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