This Insider Tip Will Save You Thousands on Your Engagement Ring!

For most couples, an engagement ring is a significant item; not only does it hold a lot of sentiment, it's also on your hand for a  very long time! Getting it right is essential, without breaking the bank.

Women's lifestyle site The Everygirl spoke to Johanna Tzur, a diamond expert from jewellery brand James Allen, who shared a great hack for saving money on an engagement ring: Opt for what is referred to as an "under-size" diamond so the rock still appears to be a full carat weight when it's actually a bit less.

"Select an 'under-size' diamond—a diamond that weighs just under a cutoff weight such as 1 carat or 0.5 carats—to save substantial sums of money on a diamond that looks essentially the same as a cutoff weight diamond to the naked eye," Tzur explains. "Online retailers are a great source of these 'under-size' diamonds as they have tremendous supply." 

This makes total sense to us: A diamond that actually weighs .98 carats is going to cost way less than a full-carat stone, but in reality, it's not going to look that different to the naked eye. Brilliant! 

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