What Not to Do When Returning an Item

Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Ever wanted to return an item that was purchased on a whim (usually for an upcoming event like New Year’s Eve), that you either changed your mind about or have no use for? With holiday sales around, it’s easy to get lured into buying something that you don’t really like. Perhaps you went home, tried it on, and realised it just wasn’t right or noticed the fit wasn’t as great as it seemed in the changing room. Maybe you were even so confident in your choice at first that you ripped off the price tags. You might also have been given a Christmas present that you’re not very keen on.

So what’s there to do other than hold on to the item and let it collect dust in your wardrobe? Well, depending on the shop’s policies, you might still be able to return it if you follow the advice below. Below, retail workers reveal tips on what behaviour you should avoid when returning an item.

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