How to Get Rid of Yellow Underarm Stains in 20 Seconds Flat

There's nothing worse than putting on your favourite white T-shirt or blouse, only to realise that it's actually unwearable due to not-so-pleasant yellow stains in the underarm area from deodorant residue and sweat.

Sure, you could try to hide the marks with a blazer or cardigan, but if you want to wear the top as is (and don't want to rush out and buy something new!), a quick solution to remove the stains is key. To help you decide what works best, we put three remedies found on Pinterest to the test. All of these use household items you probably already have at home—we're talking the lemon juice test, baking soda trick, and salt-solution formula.

Keep scrolling to check out our before and after photos—and uncover which item works best to remove underarm stains. And if you're in the market to just buy a new white shirt after all, we rounded up a few of our favourites below, too.

What's your secret trick for removing underarm stains? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening Image: Style du Monde