Too Lazy to Iron? 5 Easy Ways to Remove Wrinkles From Clothes

On the list of dreaded household chores, ironing clothes falls somewhere in between cleaning the toilet and taking the bins out. After all, the process—setting up the board, waiting for the iron to heat up and meticulously going over every inch of fabric to get rid of those creases—is both time-consuming and tedious. And when you're rushing to get ready in the mornings, it's hardly ideal. There are some tricks we've learned about how to get ready quickly in the morning, but ironing clothes is not something we'd found out how to hack—until now.



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Instead of bringing out the iron again, there are some effective alternatives to ironing when you just don't feel like dealing with all the hassle, or (even better) when you're travelling and don't even have access to the device. To help you do this, we've found five clever ways to de-crease clothes without having to use an iron that will guarantee you wrinkle-free clothes every time. Yes, this does mean an extra 10 minutes in bed.

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