How to Reinvent Your Fall Denim Game Like an It Girl

It’s full speed ahead on fall denim week here at Who What Wear, and it’s safe to say that outfit inspiration will be flowing in spades. Because whipping up a fresh take on a denim-centric outfit (that doesn’t look like the thousands of others you’ve already dreamed up) may pose a teensy bit of a challenge, take some foolproof style cues from trusted sources in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle realms. Today, Courtney Trop of Always Judging, Sazan Hendrix of the eponymous Sazan beauty blog, and Geri Hirsch of Because I’m Addicted are revealing why they consider a great pair of jeans their on-duty essential for fall. 

Scroll down to see how the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle set spend a day in their denim. 

"This is an outfit that I can wear while I'm shooting my next makeup tutorial, running around buying makeup for my next video, or simply going out with friends. And just like sometimes when I add a bold lip to complement my makeup, I love to add a pair of heels with the jeans. I think it spices up the look a little bit more!"

"My favourite details are the little rips and tears that give it a super–laid-back vibe. I went with a comfortable nude strappy heel that was easy to walk around in all day, with a loose button-down that’s easy to transition into night.”

“I recently spent the day in Santa Monica shopping, running errands, and meeting up with some blogger friends for dinner. These jeans were perfect for the occasion. I like the cropped high-waisted style. It felt very ’90s but modern meets chic at the same time. I have longer legs than torso, so I love how the cropped flare style sits."

“I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get the fall itch. I feel ready for apple picking, pumpkin patches, autumn florals, warm drinks by the fireplace, and, most of all, fall clothing. I recently got my hands on AG’s fall denim collection and haven’t been able to take off this vintage-inspired pair since."

"I love how extremely high waisted they are—it’s the perfect cut to be paired with cosy crop sweaters and half-tucked long sleeves. Plus, they're so versatile—I can bop around in them all day while working on lifestyle shoots for the blog, then dress them up to host a dinner party at night."

"Finding jeans in general that can be interchangeable with more than one look is something I need in life. Why? Because I’m always travelling, lately more than ever. The AG jeans I’m wearing today work well with other pieces and fit in perfectly with my nonstop travelling situation. Denim feels like a second skin to me, and it’s a crucial part of my everyday life—travelling or not, I need denim, and I need more of it!"

"When we’re starting the conversation about the perfect low rider, I’ll take mine skinny, relaxed boyfriend (just a little baggy), or extra baggy (that fine line between even needing to use the zipper to get them on and off). Basically any fit works here. AG Jeans has successfully tailored the perfect relaxed boyfriend low-rider jeans this season."

“This fall you’ll want to make sure your closet isn’t short of the perfect low-rise, baggy denim trouser, or as I like to call them, low riders. This style by AG not only has a divine fit, but also comes equipped with rips and tears that have been stitched over. I think I’m past the point of wanting all my jeans super ripped, and currently vibe-ing the type of tear AG is showing us here."

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