You've Been Pronouncing Zara All Wrong

Fun fact: You may have been pronouncing Zara incorrectly this whole time. That’s right—the editors at Refinery29 are currently hanging with Zara in A Coruña and discovered the true pronunciation of the brand: dzah-dah.

As the site said, “Zara is based in Arteixo, Spain and the dominant dialect there is Northern Castilian, which pronounces its Zs with a soft ‘th’ sound, and Rs more closely to American Ds.” While it doesn’t appear the English way you’re saying the word (za-rah) is incorrect, you might consider pronouncing it the authentic way (like you would Chanel or Givenchy).

For a better understanding of what we mean, keep scrolling to check out an Instagram video of Refinery29 editors pronouncing Zara. Plus, go a bit further to shop a few of our current favourite Zara finds.


I think I nailed it.

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Opening Image: Zara

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