31 of the Hardest-to-Pronounce Fashion Brands

Photo: Getty Images

What do you do when someone asks you how to pronounce a tricky fashion brand name? Pretend you didn't hear them? Mumble something in the vain hope that it's marginally correct? Or just run away? If any of those things have happened to you in the past, then we're here to tell you that after today that will be no more. No longer will you say the likes of Balmain, Christian Louboutin and Vetements wrong.

Why? Because we've got a handy guide. Taking 31 of the toughest-to-pronounce fashion brand names, we've given you a rundown of how to say each one. With handy GIFs that spell out each name phonetically, never again will you be left feeling confused and red in the face. Keep scrolling for our guide to 31 fashion brand names and how to pronounce them.