How to Prevent Saggy Jeans

Because there’s nothing more frustrating than a pair of jeans that immediately lose their perfect form-fitting shape right after you purchase them, we reached out to the pros at Citizens of Humanity to help put an end to this denim dilemma. Here’s what the brand's women’s designer Alaina Miller suggests: “To prevent saggy jeans, look for pairs that contain at least 2 per cent elastane. A great tip to test how good the recovery is—recovery is what stops the jeans from bagging out—is when you are in the fitting room trying one the jeans, squat down for 60 seconds and then look again in the mirror and see if the jeans have retained their shape. If they haven’t, move away. All our high-waisted skinny Rocket jeans are created with stretch fabrics—and launching next month, we have an amazing new SCULPT denim concept of jeans with a brand new fabrication that has the best lift and recovery yet!” Be sure to remember Miller’s advice the next time you’re shopping for jeans, and pin the below image to share this trick with your friends! 

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