Real Talk: What to Wear to Prevent Summertime Thigh Chafing

If you're a lady who happens not to be the proud owner of a Beyoncé-level thigh gap this summer, then you don't need us telling you: Chafing is very real, and it's very uncomfortable.

So-called "chub rub," as BuzzFeed points out, is a reality for most women. The combination of sweat, moist skin, and thighs rubbing together is a recipe for disaster during the hot summer months—but luckily, you are not powerless here. You can (and will!) win the seemingly never-ending battle with chub rub.

The answer is fairly simple, actually: What you need is fabric. Fabric between your thighs will prevent the skin on your legs from rubbing together and, thusly, prevent chafing. If you are a die-hard lover of skirts, we recommend shapewear underneath; otherwise, pants, culottes, and shorts are where it's at.

Keep scrolling to see (and shop) the pieces to wear this summer to help prevent thigh chafing!