How to Tell If You’re Picking the Right Engagement Ring

Engagement season is right around the corner, so if you’re planning on popping the big question, today’s story is especially for you. Since finding the perfect ring for your forever partner comes with a lot of pressure, we reached out to the diamond pro at James Allen for expert advice on how to make the process easier. From how a ring will age with you to how it fits your everyday life, we're sharing the practical questions to keep in mind when searching for "the one."

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"Consider the size of your fingers and the amount of finger coverage that you’re after. Elongated shapes such as oval or marquise can add the illusion of length to shorter fingers. Round, cushion, and asscher shapes tend to look best on petite hands. And don’t forget that you’ll be adding a wedding band as well."  Oded Edelman

"It’s important to ask yourself if you’re looking for a piece that will stand the test of time or something more unique that will demonstrate the era in which it was purchased. You can also choose to blend the twofor example, marquise shapes were popular in the 1980s, and although it’s less popular today, it can be set in an east-west setting for a more modern design."  Oded Edelman, CEO and co-founder of James Allen

"An important factor to consider when deciding which ring is right for you is your lifestyle. Do you work a lot with your hands? You may want to consider a ring that doesn’t have elevated diamonds. A solitaire setting or something that sits low to the finger may suit you best. Also consider the size of the band. Thinner rings have delicate appeal but may not hold up to your lifestyle. Do you travel a lot? Perhaps you want to go with a more discreet ring."  Oded Edelman

"It’s always important to think about the full picturehow do you want your engagement ring to look together with your wedding band? Not all engagement rings and wedding bands sit flush together, and not all engagement rings are made to sit with a wedding band. Are you looking to purchase a single wedding band or more than one and stack them? Do you want your engagement ring to be a statement piece alone? If so, go with something big and bold, and match it with a very simple wedding band."  Oded Edelman


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