Chic Europeans On What to Pack If You’re Going to Visit Their Cities

Packing for European city breaks can be harder than any two-week holiday, as you have to carefully pick the things that are worthy of precious space in your carry-on. We have already given you the golden rules that cabin crews recommend you follow when packing a carry-on bag, but next up, we are turning to the most stylish Europeans for guidance on what to put in your suitcase when you visit their cities. Whether you're going to Berlin, Copenhagen or elsewhere this summer, these are the three essential things you should pack in your bag. Scroll below to see what to pack for some of the most popular European cities.


Berlin has become one of the "coolest" European destinations, as it is a hipster paradise. The weather is changeable, so you'll need layers. This is a city where it pays to be practical—you'll likely walk a long way, as the city is very spread out. Our stylish Berlin resident Claire Beermann, fashion blogger and editor at ZEITmagazin, tells us that the three things you should have in your suitcase to really get the vibe of the German capital are "'70s disco-flared trousers, a vintage Fendi baguette and a pair of cool worn-out sneakers such as low Converse Chucks or Adidas Gazelles." Don't waste any of that carry-on space on high heels.


Copenhagen is another city that requires clever layering, so it can pay to rely on simple Scandi classics that will work for any event. Jeanette Friis Madsen, fashion editor at Costume magazine and one of our favourite Scandi Instagrammers, tells us that for a city break to Copenhagen, you should rely on what she calls the four Cs: casual, comfort, cool and chic. Her three essentials for a jaunt to Copengagen are "an oversize blazer, your favorite jeans and a pair of kitten heels."


Next up, we have Madrid, a city that gets super hot and humid in the summer. Says fashion blogger Anna Ponsa López, "In my opinion, if you are going to visit Madrid, you need comfortable shoes because the best way to discover the city is by walking. Espardeñas are a good idea (you can buy them in Madrid), and she also recommends bringing a classic white shirt for both the day and the evening, and a pair of denim shorts.




When visiting Paris, we advise you to think What would Jeanne Damas do? While Paris might make you think of Carrie Bradshaw spinning in mille-feuille dresses, in reality, it's a casual city where nothing is more stylish than flares, a pretty top, comfortable heels and a basket bag. Damas's uniform will take you from coffee to museums to any evening plans.


If you're heading to Milan or an Italian city this summer, leave the jeans at home as Erika Boldrin tells us the thing to live in is a short, breezy floral summer dress, while make sure you have fun, statement sunglasses and a pair of smart sandals. The perfect outfit for long La-Dolce-Vita-lunches.

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