The Only 9 Tools You Need for the Perfect Closet

As I've explored on Who What Wear before, moving in with your S.O. can really change your whole closet organising game. Suddenly, the amount of clothing, shoes, and other accessories in your house has doubled, and all the work you previously invested in keeping your stuff just so goes kaput.

Well, I also recently had the joyous experience of teaming up with the S.O. in question to organise our overflowing closet, and I discovered that the project actually isn't as overwhelming as it can seem—and the results are beyond rewarding. (It just feels so good to look at the former mess you've turned into a neat pile, doesn't it?) We spent a relatively modest amount of money, investing in just a few key pieces that have upgraded the setup of both our wardrobes.

Keep scrolling to see the pieces we picked and why!

As a woman with a lot of jewellery, I don't find anything as infuriating as a chaotic mess of tangled necklaces and bracelets. Every woman needs a way to organise her jewellery, and this Pottery Barn pick is just as lovely as it is useful.

Pottery Barn Amaya Jewellery Organiser ($99)

A shoe rack is a must when you're dating a self-proclaimed sneaker-head, and I love how sleek and simple this one is.

Christian Hoisl x Anneke Bieger Shoe Cabinet ($174)

This tool is great because it's so open-ended. It's just some additional shelving you can hang in your closet—what you use it for is totally up to you!

Rubbermaid Closet Helper ($140)

From scarves to ties to belts, this IKEA piece will help to declutter some of the smaller pieces of fabric that so quickly overtake your closet.

IKEA Komplement Multi-Use Hanger ($8)

About halfway through our organisation project, we both admitted defeat: We simply didn't have enough room for all our stuff in one closet, and we needed an additional way to hang things. I love this garment rack because it has a top shelf (for my dude's hats) and a shoe rack at the bottom, and it's extendable up to 71 inches!

Bed Bath & Beyond Portable & Adjustable Garment Rack ($40)

We put this shoe rack in the bottom of our closet, and it's great because the width adjusts, so you're sure it will fit. It holds almost all our shoes! (Almost.)

The Container Store Walnut Three-Tier Shoe Rack ($30)

If you made a list of the ugliest household items around, we bet your hamper would be close to the top. Not so with this cute little guy! And it's nice that there are two drawers, for overspill or additional storage.

Badger Basket Two Drawer Hamper and Storage Unit ($33)

I've spent most of my life just tossing my handbags up onto the top shelf of my closet and praying they don't fall back down on my head. No more!

Richards Homewares Natural Canvas Hanging Handbag Organiser ($31)

When all else fails, use this handy tool for shoes, bags, sweaters, and beyond!

Neatfreak Shoe Rack ($33)

What is YOUR secret for a super-organised closet? Tell us in the comments below!