How to Turn Your Desk Into a Stylish Working Haven

A desk is so much more than a workspace. It's a place to channel your creative energy, a place to feel inspired and a place to reflect on your achievements as you set yourself new goals. Which is why we think your desk and home office should be given more consideration. 

How to Organise Desk Ideas: Vanessa Hong


Vanessa Hong

As such, we set about unpacking what makes a desk space stylish, serene and motivating. Research into the matter included endlessly scrolling Instagram for inspiration, and what we found was that many of the desk setups we were most drawn to feature many 10 key items. 

How to Organise Desk Ideas: The Frugality


The Frugality

Naturally, you'll need the desk itself and an equally stylish chair to accompany it. But the pieces that truly elevate a desk are the accessories you bestow it with—think lighting, stationery, notebooks and even motivational prints.

How to Organise Desk Ideas: Rue Rodier


Rue Rodier

If you don't know where to begin, don't fret, for we've found the chicest desk, chair and add-on options out there, so you can swiftly upgrade your workspace, then get back to doing what you do best. Keep scrolling to see our suggestions.


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