8 Tricks for Making Boring Outfits Look Spectacular

We don't know about you, but we're at that point in January where the appeal of wintery buys has worn off, and the realisation that spring is still quite far off is almost impossible to bear. Similarly, if opening your wardrobe and subsequently sighing with dismay at the fact nothing inside excites you anymore has become part of your morning routine, then you'll be pleased to hear that we've found the solution. 

Instead of feeling stuck in a style rut, we've come to the rescue with expert tricks on how to not look boring when you find yourself wearing the same clothes on repeat.  With a little help from a few of our favourite influencers, we've found eight simple hacks to help you fall back in love with your wares. From the DIY trick anyone can do (no scary glue gun required) to the shoes guaranteed to breathe a new lease of life into any outfit, keep scrolling and we promise the prospect of getting dressed will seem way more exciting from here on out.

#1: Add a Belt



Style Notes: Layering a belt over a blazer will showcase your shape and give your look an edge. Follow Ada's lead and match your belt to the hue of the dress underneath for maximum style points. 

#2: Pop Something in Your Hair



Style Notes: Party season may be over but fashion girls are still decorating their 'dos with bows and hair clips aplenty. Add one to your ponytail, and you'll feel fancy in a flash. 

#3: Tote a Teeny Bag



Style Notes: Okay, so Ellie's outfit is far from boring—the white tights are pure genius—but it's her micro bag that makes her look feel incredibly fun. Carry it with whatever you wear and you're sure to catch folks gazing for all the right reasons. 

#4: Cinch Your Sleeves



Style Notes: Bangles are set to be one of 2019's biggest jewellery trends. Pile them atop of your chunky knits for a simple accessorising solution. 

#5: Layer a Jazzy Roll-Neck



Style Notes: When it comes to layering, Erica Davies has mastered the art, so when we saw her pair a standout zebra roll-neck with her refined minidress, we instantly archived it as a need-to-try outfit. 

Style Notes: The simplest way to fall back in love with your old pieces is to replace the buttons with more directional options, and what you'll be left with is something akin to Sara Crampton's chic blazer. Trust us, anyone can do this crafty trick—if, however, your cardigan doesn't have a button fastening, replicate the look with an ornate brooch or two.

#7: Pair Sandals With Socks



Style Notes: Socks and sandals needn't be daunting, or wacky. Brittany Bathgate's combination of strappy footwear glitter socks serves as proof. Keep the rest of your look pared back for optimum cool effect. 

#8: Dress Down Tailoring



Style Notes: Have a suit that hasn't seen the light of day for some time? We—and María Bernad—suggest styling it with a pair of high-top sneaks for a skater-girl overhaul.