5 Steps to Make Over Your Style

Are you in a wardrobe rut? Don’t sweat it. Today, we’re sharing easy ways to freshen up your style! From detoxing your closet to keeping a simple colour scheme—keep reading for our five must-try tips.

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1. Clear the clutter.


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An overwhelming closet equals an overwhelming outfit selection. If your wardrobe causes you to constantly search for items or if you’re a victim of one of these problems, it’s definitely time to clean out your closet. Whether you test this therapeutic approach to closet cleaning or the system one Vogue editor swears by, cleansing your closet from clutter will majorly improve your style. 

2. Organise your outfit inspiration.


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To ensure your outfit inspiration is ready when you most need it, staying organised is crucial. We suggest starting a secret style board on Pinterest or designating an album on your camera roll where you store outfit ideas. By having style inspiration on hand and easily accessible, you’ll be more inclined to create similar looks based on the items you already own, rather than impulsively shopping for new clothing. 

3. Create a set of go-to looks.


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Simplify your getting-ready process by creating an assortment of go-to looks. The easiest way to make sure your ensemble is always put together is to have a handful of signature outfits. Use your secret style board for outfit inspiration and to pinpoint your favourite go-to looks. 

4. Develop a signature colour palette for your wardrobe.



Scan through your closet and take inventory on the colours you own most of. Maybe your wardrobe is full of black, grey, and white or shades of tan. Either way, take note of your current colour scheme and practice how to mix and match different shades to create fresh outfit combinations. 

5. Favour fit over everything.


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To earn truly covetable style, make sure your clothing fits YOU. Take your clothes to the tailor and find the perfect fit for your body. The before-and-after results will change your look (for the better), we promise.

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Which tip is your favourite? Do you have any others? Let us know in the comments below!