How to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger (Yes, Really)

Far be it from us to claim that everyone wants a giant engagement ring. In fact, we firmly believe the opposite to be true: There are plenty who don’t want a rock so big they can’t fit their hand in their purse. (Bonus points if you caught that Beyoncé reference.)

At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a sizable stone, either. And if you fall into this category, we can help. Whether you’re shopping for rings or you’ve already got one on your finger, here are five solid tricks for making an engagement ring look bigger than it actually is. The best part? These tricks don’t always require spending extra cash. It’s just being thoughtful of how you shop. Keep scrolling to see what we mean!

Cut Reigns Supreme

While there’s nothing like a huge diamond to catch the eye, it’s the way the stone is cut that really catches the light and can make a rock look bigger. “A well-cut diamond with proper angles and facets will not only be beautiful and brilliant, but will look larger,” jeweler Greg Kwiat told Work closely with a gemologist you trust to find a stone that’s cut to maximize its size.

Look for a setting with slender prongs

A diamond set in more slender prongs is always going to look bigger than one set in larger prongs. It’s all about proportion. 

Choose a brand in a bright white metal

You may have heard the interior design tip that a mirror will make any space seem larger. Well, according to jeweler Michelle Adorjan of Tacori, the same idea applies to diamond rings. If you opt for a platinum band, the image of the stone will be reflected in the metal, creating the illusion of a larger rock.

Put a halo on it

Perhaps the most straightforward way to make a center diamond look bigger is by putting a ring of smaller diamonds around it—at a certain distance, the halo will be indiscernible from the main attraction. You can either get a halo that is flush with the center diamond or you can opt for what’s called an expanded halo, which is slightly set apart from the middle stone and makes the diamond appear even larger.

Side stones are key

If you opt for a ring with side stones, especially ones that are on the humbler end of the size spectrum, your center gemstone will look bigger. Side stones also make the ring as a whole look like a bigger piece of jewelry.

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