10 Pieces That Will Instantly Make Your Butt Look Better

There's no denying that plenty of us want a butt that has a perky and shapely appearance. Now, we're not suggesting for a moment that you should change your posterior for anyone, however, like many women, we all want to make the most of the asset in question. Whether your bottom is flat, round, heart-shaped or positively bouncing around town, there are always tricks to make the most of it. All bottoms can be good bottoms, we say.


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In an effort to help you enhance and flatter your derrière—should you desire that niche life guidance—we've rounded (get it?) up a list of the tips that we know work without fail. Whether you're of the flatter variety, owner of a Kim Kardashian West–level booty, or are a delightfully middle-of-the-road knockout, click through to see our 10 pieces that will instantly make anyone's butt look better.