Secret Ways to Make Your Winter Clothes Look More Expensive

If in your world, a new season doesn’t equal an entirely new wardrobe, read on. We know how digging out last year’s winter essentials can leave you feeling a little deflated; you find yourself wondering Why is that cashmere top all bobbly and out of shape? and Was that handbag always that scuffed?

As tempting as it can be to run out and put a load of new-season buys on your credit card, that’s just not a savvy thing to do. What is: a weekend spent experimenting with layering and combinations you’d never entertained, along with a little make do and mend session. We’re not talking shredding sleeves off coats and taking up hems, just a quick trip to your haberdashery for some transformative touches—like humble buttons—or a slight reworking of what you already own can provide the winter fashion updates you’re longing for.

The recent round of runway shows also provided endless inspiration for how to wear the seemingly endless jumpers and skirts we already own; all you need is an open mind (and, on occasion, a pair of sharp scissors or some thread).

So scroll through the gallery below for a fast-ticket to making your winter wardrobe look more luxe in no time.