I've Just Discovered the Secret to Making Leggings Look Expensive

Aside from my gym attire, leggings are one item I've deliberately steered clear of. Most days, you'll find me wearing some sort of heels (albeit most likely two-inch block heels) with a printed midi dress. As such, I've long believed that leggings looked too casual in comparison. That was, until I started noticing how some of my favourite influencers have been styling their leggings of late.

Not just one, but five of Instagram's best dressers have been giving their black leggings a glossy spin, and they've inspired me to do the same. From sleek layering techniques to choosing suitably glamorous accessories, making leggings look luxe is easier than I thought it would be. Keep scrolling to discover how to make leggings look expensive, and I guarantee you too will be a convert.

1. Leggings + Knee-High Boots + Leather Blazer
How to Make Leggings Look Expensive:  @erika_boldrin



Style Notes: Erika ensures her legging look is as chic as can be by styling it with an array of premium textures—think faux fur, leather and merino wool. 

2. Leggings + Puffer Coat + Over-the-Knee Boots
How How to Make Leggings Look Expensive:  @handinfire



Style Notes: Leggings and a puffer jacket might sound casual on paper, but when painted in a refined colour palette of tan, camel and black, they look seriously premium. 

3. Leggings + Mules + Trench Coat
How to Make Leggings Look Expensive: @sylviemus_



Style Notes: The Royals aren't the only ones who know coat dresses make for a sophisticated outfit option. Sylvie too wears her coats (especially those of the trench variety) as dresses. We love how she gives us peek of her leggings on show underneath.

4. Leggings + Blazer + Sandals
How to Make Leggings Look Expensive: @msorrig



Style Notes: Who said your leggings need to be long? Petite Mette instead has opted for a cropped pair which suit her frame, adding a pair of on-trend mules and oversized blazer in the process to up the expensive-looking ante. 

5. Leggings + White Shirt + Ankle Boots
How to Make Tights Look Expensive: @tamumcpherson



Style Notes: Tamu knows that a white shirt will always unlock boundless chic style potential, which is likely why she chose it to wear with her comfy leggings. Her black sock boots blend seamlessly to her leggings, which also up her outfit's sleekness.