5 Tips for Making Your Cheap Jewelry Look Much More Expensive

Inexpensive jewelry is one of our shopping weaknesses, so naturally, we have a lot of experience in what looks luxurious (even when it isn’t!) and the telltale signs of low quality. Since we figure you might enjoy budget bauble shopping as much as we do, we thought we’d share our top five tips to keep in mind next time you pick up an affordable piece of jewelry.

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Too-shiny metal is a dead giveaway of inexpensive materials. Instead, opt for pieces that have slightly darker coloring.

Even if you’re a die-hard glitzy girl, we recommend avoiding plastic gemstones, especially of the neon variety. Instead, opt for clear crystals, which will still give you a bit of glamour while still feeling elevated.

In the realm of inexpensive jewelry, look for jewelry made of gold vermeil, which won’t leave color residue on your skin. Avoid copper, nickel, and gold-plated jewelry, which can leave telling green marks.

You want to pick affordable jewelry that has a little bit of weight to it. Flimsy and lightweight baubles almost always look cheap.

A blingy bib necklace may seem like an easy way to dress up an otherwise boring outfit, but they can feel a bit common and cheap. When picking a statement necklace, look for geometric chokers, sculptural pieces, or pieces with vintage charm.

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This story was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated by Gina Marinelli.

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