6 Tricks to Make Your High Heels Way More Comfortable

Ah, every woman's constant plea: that she may own and wear a pair of high heels that don't absolutely murder her feet and make her life miserable. We've done our best to help provide you with tips to wearing high heels without pain, but sometimes an expert must be brought in.

We asked our resident stylist Marissa Webb to share her pro tips for making heels as comfortable as they can be, and she had some dynamite wisdom to disperse. 

"Your favourite heels might look great, but if you can't walk in them, it really takes all the fun and beauty out of them," Webb astutely observes. "Some tricks I've learned over time have saved me on countless occasions."

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If you have to choose between a pair that's slightly snug or slightly loose, go with loose; you can always pad them, but hoping they will stretch out usually ends in disappointment.

Every heel doesn't need to be 4-plus inches tall. I love a kitten heel, and they're almost like wearing flats; they don't put as much pressure on the ball of your foot, which is often the source of discomfort.

Take breaks from pointed-toe heels. Rotate between a round toe, open toe, and pointed toe. Sure, pointy might look great, but it certainly won't help your toes. Especially the poor pinky!

Even if you think you're in your most comfortable heels, be prepared if it's going to be a long day or night. A combination of padding the footbed and cotton balls stuffed in the toes is my ultimate solution.

My favourite trick is cotton balls. I figured this out at a hotel one night, when I couldn't find heel pads and one my right shoe kept flopping off. Stuff the cotton balls into the toe of your shoe until the fit is right. Keep a few extra in your purse for just such an occasion.

No matter what else you do, do not wait to break in your brand new heels at that special event you picked them out for. You haven't developed a relationship with the shoes yet, and you don't want to spoil the night by finding out too late that your heels have a mean side. Wear them at least once before the event so you know how to prep them properly.

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What are your go-to tricks for making your heels more comfortable? Share below!

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