The Divine Secrets to Creating an Influencer-Worthy Picture Wall

It goes without saying that picture walls are having a moment. Whatever your budget or wall space, they’re an easy way to add colour and personality to a room without the need to paint or completely redecorate. The fact that you can even apply your artwork to the wall without nails instead of using mounting tape makes a picture wall ideal for rental properties, too.

But how to we keep our picture walls on the chic side? To better understand the art of curation, we spoke to Erica Davies (an influencer whose sense of style is just as evident in her home as it is her wardrobe) to discover how she creates the perfect picture wall.

“For me, a gallery wall is all about the eclectic,” reveals Erica. “I love to mix frame styles and even print and painting genres. I’m also really drawn to typography prints mixed with vintage florals or children’s artwork in IKEA frames paired with old black-and-white family wedding photos.”

“If you want a more uniformed approach, go for matching frames or frame colours (white, black or gold, for example). I also tend to stick to odd numbers of things (one, three or five) as they always look better in design terms.”

“Try playing around with the layout of your picture wall without the commitment by laying them all on the floor. That way, you’ll get some idea of how you’d like them to look on the wall without having to actually hand them.”

“And finally, I really like using unconventional space, too. For example, in our downstairs toilet, I have prints everywhere, including above and below the window. It makes for an interesting focal point in the most unlikely of places.”



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