How to Get Longer Legs Instantly (No Surgery, No Joke)

We’ve covered a lot of ways to fake looking taller—from this genius lengthening outfit to the flat shoe that elongates the leg. But we know that playing with proportions and visual illusions will only get you so far. That’s why we had to share when we came across Man Repeller’s Invisible Heels PSA. For those uninitiated to the Invisible Heels ($19), they’re basically the same shoe lifts that have long been the secret weapon of vertically challenged actors, now repackaged with fashion girl-friendly branding. The 1.5" inserts work best with shoes like boots or sneakers that completely conceal your heel. Based on Leandra Medine’s pictures, the sneaky inserts are totally incognito.  

Scroll down to see for yourself, check out The Man Repeller for the full review, and let us know in the comments below: Would you wear shoe lifts?