I'm 5'3"—Here's How I Look Taller in Flat Shoes

When it comes to accessories, I tend to go through add-on phases. Right now, I'm really into hair accessories—be it hairbands, scarves or clips. A few months ago, it was handbags I found myself buying en masse. However, there's one extra to which I'm forever devout; shoes

Trainers, heels, winter boots—I never met a shoe style I didn't like. But, standing at 5ft 3", I've long found flats the trickiest to pull off. 

To say I struggle to find flat shoes that don’t make my legs look like that of a dachshund (I should know—I have two) is no overstatement, which is why I always relied on a small heel to give me a subtle prop. However, with so many gorgeous flat shoes on offer this season, I made it my mission to discover how to look taller in flats.

Keep scrolling to see the pairs plus the all-important styling tricks best-suited to those of us looking to give the appearance of extra inches in the height department. 

If you love flats as much as we do, then feast your eyes on these party-ready pairs...