The Little Things You Can Do to Always Look Professional

Our years of experience on fashion's front lines have taught us a lot of things, but one of the most important skills for girls who are constantly under a sartorial spotlight is to not let any unfavorably scruffy behaviour slip in. Yes, we're British, and we don't always make best friends with our hairbrushes or irons, but you never know when that all-important meeting could come up. No one likes to be caught short with a ketchup-stained blouse, skew-whiff pencil skirt or clickety-clackety stiletto that's lost its heel tip. There's also the psychology behind the matter—if you look untidy or lacking in attention to detail, could that translate into your work? In order to start this week off right, we've thought about all of those little details—virtually cost-free in most cases—that really ensure your closet remains at the top of the leaderboard.

Scroll down to see the tips that keep your outfits looking professional at all times, and then shop some key pieces for a reboot.