4 Experts on How to Look Your Best in Every Picture

With the proliferation of street style shots out there in the ether, you'd think it'd be simple to know how to look good in photos. But, when you come to trying to capture that #OOTD for yourself on a whim, it's not always as straightforward as one would imagine. I interviewed a social media pro/designer once, and he admitted to taking heaps of options before deciding on one. So even the most successful selfie-takers, with the most delightful cheekbones, know that there's more than a point-and-shoot process behind getting the frame.

As we have various girls on the inside of the industry, from those shooting street style all over the globe on a daily basis to us editors—the women who spend all day looking at these snaps in minute detail—it made sense to share some expert knowledge on the topic. Our female street style photographers have captured many an outfit or scene on their travels—some staged, some spontaneous, some with girls who are über-confident in posing up a storm for the camera, and others who take some coaxing and persuading, so they know the tricks of the trade inside and out.

Scroll down to see the key factors in taking a great photo to reach the street style stardom you deserve—and then keep going to shop a few of our favourite photogenic pieces that just landed in stores.