The #1 Rule for Picking Expensive-Looking High-Street Pieces

When a new season and its biggest trends start to really cement themselves, it's all too easy to get wrapped up in a whirlwind of, shall we say, homages, to the high-fashion designers. But rather than opting for close copies of catwalk goods, we've discovered over the years that your wardrobe looks far chicer—and more expensive—if you plump for simpler, less season-specific pieces when shopping on a budget.

Those in the know can spot a knock-off print at 50 paces, so why not confuse them with an artfully minimal top from COS that could pass for a vintage piece of Jil Sander? Or a sundress that appears thrifty enough to be a retro buy you found at a flea market? So there's our number one tip for looking ultra-sophisticated on a shoestring budget: Step away from the runway rip-offs. Instead, look out for relatively minimal pieces that feature a unique detail or two.

The high street's current selection is well stocked with newness that fits our bill, so keep reading to see the kind of luxe-looking pieces we'd suggest shopping now. Bonus point: They all go together into a capsule wardrobe too!

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Opening Image: Phill Taylor

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