How to Look Put Together When You’re Insanely Busy

If you have a job (which, for your sake, we hope is the case or soon to be the case!), then you don't need us telling you how insanely busy your life can be. With work, social engagements, weddings, family obligations, and any number of other things you're required to show face at, it can become very difficult to get dressed in the mornings with any sense of real purpose. 

Well, we get you, girl. As editors of a fast-paced digital publication, we 100% understand where you're coming from, and we want to help. We want to help make getting dressed every day a pleasant experience, not one that just becomes another thing on your to-do list.

To that end, we came up with five really easy ways to look put together no matter how packed your schedule becomes. Keep scrolling!

The value of tailoring cannot be overstated. It makes sense, too: If you have a closet filled with well-fitting clothes, then no matter what you throw on, you look like you took care with your appearance. Think of a tailor as an investment that will carry you through those days when you just can't. 

A hat is a girl's best friend. For days when you have zero time or energy to pay attention to your hair, a good hat serves two purposes: Not only does it conceal the non-'do you're rocking, but it also adds a nice accent mark to your outfit.

If you are a busy woman, you simply must have at least three to four pairs of heels you know you can stand or walk in for hours. You can thank us later. (Here are our recommendations!)

There's a reason your mum told you every woman needs a good little black dress. Because it's true! If you have at least one trusty option to turn to on your rough days, the investment will pay off again and again.

Have you ever left the house feeling somehow off or weird, only to realise later that you forgot all your jewellery? Isn't that the worst feeling? It happens to the best of us, but we should all try our hardest to make sure it never happens; a woman without jewellery is like a Christmas tree without lights—still a tree, yes, but not nearly as exciting to behold.

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How do YOU stay cute when your schedule is packed? Share your secrets in the comments below!