10 Easy Steps to Looking More Photogenic

We're not saying that looking photogenic is everything, but for those of us who don't have a glam squad following us around 24/7, a photo booth might cause a bit of panic. And thanks to the wonders of social media offering us the opportunity to upload and tag all our pictures, we live in constant fear of a Facebook picture appearing that we don't approve of. But what about that friend of yours who always looks incredible and somehow never seems to look moody or get red-eye in pictures? What's her secret to appearing photo-ready?

Being photogenic is not just about having a great face. Turns out, there are some really handy tips that will make taking a photo a little longer but will garner much more flattering results. From how to angle your camera and face to which word to say in order to give you a great smile (spoiler—it's not cheese), we've got 10 incredible tips that are guaranteed to give you a great-looking photo. Your friend is about to get some serious competition. Scroll down for the best tips on how to be more photogenic, and get ready for your close-up.