Psychologically Speaking, This Is How You Can Look and Feel More Attractive

While not everything is about looks, there's no denying our human nature that makes us want to appear more attractive. When it comes to knowing exactly how to do so, it starts to get tricky. The truth is that fashion-wise, there are no magic formulas.A new dress might make you feel good temporarily, but it's not going to give you confidence forever.

I spoke to DrGenevieve von Lob, chartered clinical psychologist, who as well as being the author of Five Deep Breaths: The Power of Mindful Parenting works with women on their self-confidence.

"Women in particular are much better at honing in on the negative," says von Lob. "And the brain is naturally biased to look at the negative because we hardwired to look for threats on an evolutionary side. Media, our upbringings, and competition can make women, and men, feel less attractive." 

With this in mind, I picked out five classic ideas about how to look attractive to ask von Lob about and find out whether they really work for us, why they're good, and what impact they can have on us psychologically. Keep scrolling for more.