The Best Curvy-Girl Tricks for Looking Amazing in Photos

If you’re a curvier woman (yours truly included), you don’t need us to tell you that sometimes taking a good photograph can be a challenging affair. Not because you don’t always look amazing, but because cameras aren’t always the most flattering for those amongst us who aren’t straight up-and-down beanpoles.

There are, thankfully, some tried-and-true tricks we can employ to make sure you always look our best in photographs. These tactics minimise those parts of you that you’d rather not highlight, and draw the eye to those parts you want to emphasise. 

Keep scrolling for five easy tricks to always look amazing in photos, curvy girls!

Stand (or sit) at a slight angle so that one shoulder is in front of the other, toward the camera. Now push the front shoulder down toward the ground—this will pull your chin slightly forward, eliminating any chance of the dreaded double chin and making you appear taller and more graceful. 

When you’re standing for a pose, cross your legs at the ankle so you’re standing with one foot in front of the other. This creates a body proportion that’s pleasing to the eye—wider at the shoulders, narrow at the waist, wide at the hips, then narrow again at the ankles. 

Any woman—no matter her size—knows that a photo taken from below is rarely (if ever) flattering. It makes you look like you have a double chin even if you don’t, which nobody wants! Kindly ask whoever is taking the photo to snap you either from slightly above or straight on.

If you stand with your hip cocked at about a 45-degree angle toward the camera, your waist will look slimmer, showcasing your figure in a flattering way. Try straightening one leg and sticking that hip out, while softly bending your other leg. You can also put your hand on the protruding hip if that’s your style. 

Above all remember that if a photo gets snapped of you that you don’t love, there’s no shame in just asking for another. With the immediacy and ease of taking digital pictures, any photographer should be happy to oblige.

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