How to Layer Necklaces Like You've Been a Stylist for 30 Years

There's one thing that all fashion enthusiasts agree on—that accessories can make an outfit. That's why we're launching a monthly column, Successorise, charting the latest extras stylish girls will want to know about. From the smart workwear add-ons that could seal the deal in the office, to the most of-the-moment tweaks that can spin a basic outfit into a high-fashion trajectory, this is Who What Wear UK's regular guide to the most important accessorising rules to know now.

There's a skill to layering necklaces, and some of us just don't have it. I don't have it. They get tangled, I get bored, the idea goes out of the window and I put on some statement earrings. But when it does work, boy, is it a satisfying thing. Layered necklaces have become a jewellery trend that rarely goes out of favour—I believe many girls find that their selection of trinkets increasingly becomes an extension of their memories, personality and mindfulness. Who doesn't love to look down and see some all-important initials on a pendant or recall a special holiday moment?


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Layered necklaces at Dior and Prada for A/W 17.

With that in mind, and a new season chock-full of necklaces on the runway (from classic shell styles at Prada through to talismanic charms at Dior), it seems like a good time to revisit your strategy. Here are the many bling-laden paths you can go down; just keep reading for expert layering tips, and shop some of our favourites pieces.

#1: The Classic Double

Style Notes: The necklace layering method favoured by most, this is just about having two simple gold or silver necklaces—one noticeably shorter than the other—to wear with every outfit. It's so subtle that many girls do this alongside statement earrings.

#2: Holiday Freestyle

Style Notes: You've got your classic double all set, but you're on holiday and soaking up the local vibes. Cue the artisanal number you bought at a charming market. Turquoise always sets off a tan nicely.

#3: Add a Choker

Style Notes: We heart this shot for many reasons (hands up if you've never worn sunglasses in the bath), but it's the intricate, colour-coordinated ensembles of chokers and fine gold chains that are worth paying attention to. It's a subtle way to tap into an ongoing jewellery trend.

#4: No Matching Allowed

Style Notes: For the brave accessorisers out there, the A/W 17 season is your time to shine. Madcap extras maketh the outfit, so the only rule to remember is that there are no rules.

#5: Multiple Medallions

Style Notes: If you're a boho girl at heart or always leaning towards 1970s style, then the triple-long pendant or medallion formula is for you. Go the extra mile, and power up your jewellery look with matching hoops, bangles and rings. Best worn in gold.

#6: With a Neck Scarf

Style Notes: While not technically a necklace, there's no escaping the neck scarf right now, so you may as well feel liberated enough to pair up the two trends.

#7: Molten Pile-On

Style Notes: With chunkier chains and a mix of metals, this kind of messy-but-organised approach is right for the rock chicks of this world. Just keep adding to your collection, and be prepared to talk people through your finds.

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