This Is Apparently a Big Instagram No-No for French Girls

Ah, Jeanne Damas, Anne-Laure Mais, Caroline de Maigret, Louise Follain… Our list of the French girls on Instagram we adore (read: stalk) could go on and on, and then on some. But how is it that their revered can't-quite-pinpoint-it vibe manages to even translate onto social media? How have these chic girls constructed their own visual fashion language without getting sidetracked by the many cult must-haves that come along each week be it a Gucci tee or smashed avocado on toast?


Courtesy of Vestiaire Collective

We've finally had a chance to find out from a French girl who is a pro at social media—Vestiaire Collective's head of social, Margaux Avril, agreed to spill les haricots. Right now the Paris-based luxury resale site is talking about The Art of French—from the way these girls are savvy shoppers when it comes to hunting down classics through to the fact that this summer it's all about wearing closed-toe flats (like Church's derby) with every hot-weather outfit.

So without further ado, let's see what Margaux thinks are the dos and don'ts behind any French cool girl's Instagram account.

What is a classic French-girl image to post to Instagram?

A mirror selfie with a cool attitude and look, usually holding a bouquet of wildflowers, high-waisted pants and French novels randomly left here and there.


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Is there a cap on how many posts you should schedule a day or week?

It really depends on the range of different pictures you can post. If it's only selfies, then once every five days is good. If you should alternate with art, decoration, fashion and landscapes… 


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How do you feel about Insta-stories?

Pretty good. They allow you to share a more personal side that your followers may not get from your feed, you can share weird and conceptual things or be more playful and less serious. Stories allow you to take risks and be more spontaneous, but also I think it makes Instagram more relatable—you can show normal day-to-day life and your true personality.


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How can you make a selfie more French?

I would say just go for red lipstick and messy hair. And the addition of a basket bag always helps.


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Is there anything that Parisian girls think is really uncool to post to Instagram? 

Anything that looks too "fake"—it's cooler to look natural and avoid pouting too much.


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Do French fashion girls plan their Instagram posts, or are they spontaneous?

I would say both. They're not really staging their pictures, although they like to take the time to choose the pictures and edit the right one…


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Are there any noticeable differences between fashionable English and French accounts?

I would say the je ne sais quoi, but it would be a bit cliché. But, still. Maybe the way French look trendy with an effortless vibe of vintage style made modern.


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Opening Images: All courtesy of Vestiaire Collective.

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