How to Improve Your Style on a Daily Basis

Ever wonder how the girls who always have the best outfits come up with them? In many cases, it takes a little more effort than you may think. For those who can't roll out of bed and throw together a perfect look with little to no planning, we have an insider strategy to share with you. The next time you see an ensemble that you're particularly fond of, simply write it down, listing the pieces you already own that are needed to re-create it. If you're particularly forgetful and want to take it a step further, snap a photo of yourself wearing a look you'd like to repeat, or take a screenshot of a cool outfit you spot online or on Instagram and save them to a photo album on your phone. It's also wise to have a Pinterest board dedicated to this. Incorporate these simple methods into your daily life and you’ll never be at a loss for fashion ideas again, promise.

Keep scrolling to see a few accessible outfit ideas to get you started, and shop similar pieces to suit them…

Denim jacket + pleated metallic skirt:


We the People

Striped top + cropped high-waisted jeans + logo belt:


Style Du Monde 

Varsity jacket + flares:


Collage Vintage 

Leather jacket + maxi dress + high-top sneakers:


Style du Monde 

Colorful fur coat + miniskirt:


Getty Images

Belted blazer + lace dress:


Vanessa Jackman 

What's your trick for planning outfits? Let us know in the comments box below…

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