How to Hide an Early Pregnancy Bump, by 2 Stylish Girls Who Know

Samantha Silver and Gemma Rose Breger are industry experts who have been using their extensive fashion and beauty knowledge to create one of the most engaging mum-focused websites out there: This Is Mothership gives stylish but realistic advice on every imaginable topic. Here, they decode the wardrobe essentials that keep you sane, chic and on the good side of your bank manager.

When we both fell pregnant first time around, we went into panic mode: Just what will we wear? Now that we’re both pregnant again (we know—at the same time, two weeks apart—wild!), we’ve got our maternity style down to an art.

The first couple of months are tricky, fashion-wise. You may not want people to know you’re pregnant (perhaps for superstitious reasons, or perhaps because you need to hide it from work), so we’re going to start by sharing few tips that have helped us along the way. We didn’t reveal our second pregnancies until well into the second trimester, and no one guessed…

We don’t see much point in spending lots of money on items we’ll only wear over a six-month period, so we try to stick to non-maternity–specific high-street pieces, unless it’s an investment piece that will last us beyond pregnancy, like accessories and jewellery. Keep reading to see the essentials that can help to hide your first-trimester pregnancy bump.