According to a Top Stylist, This Is the Best Routine to Grow Out Any Fringe

I don’t know many people who haven’t considered a fringe at some point in their lives. Fringe has an uncanny way of drastically changing your vibe with a snip of a scissor, and I have fallen prey to the urge a few times now. The first time, I got a very harsh, full fringe that I thought looked chic, but in hindsight, my relaxed hair was too wispy to pull it off. I then moved into the side-fringe era thanks to the MTV show that led me astray. I usually capped that hairdo off with a padded hairband à la Blair Waldorf, feeling like an Upper East Sider.



Most recently, I got a bang on-trend curtain fringe, which I adored. I love a fringe, but I hate growing it out. It’s the thing that prevents me from trying out new styles. It inevitably gets to an awkward stage where I can’t style it as a fringe anymore, but it’s too short to blend easily with the rest of my hair.

If you’re like me, the tips below from top stylist Andrew Barton will be a lifeline for your fringe maintenance.

To Have and to Hold

Constantly having a longer fringe fall in your face is beyond annoying. So Barton has a trick for keeping it pulled back. “Add a little styling spray to damp hair, and style the fringe over to one side,” he advises. “This will give the hair hold and add a little shine, too.” Then you need to set it in place. “Either blow-dry over to one side with a round brush for a little lift or blow-dry using fingers to create a flatter effect.”

If you ask most hairdressers what their favourite styling spray is, they’ll likely say this one from L’Oreal Professionnel. It’s a heat-activated spray that keeps your hair set with flexible hold.

The size of this brush is perfect for a lash-skimming fringe if you want to give your hair some bounce when blow-drying. Plus, you can use it to dry your fringe away from your face when you’re ready to it grow out.

Use this root volumiser to lift your fringe and fake a trim. Apply to damp, freshly washed hair before blow-drying.

The Accessories Cheat

“Hair accessories, especially for summer, like jewelled clips are a great ‘cheat’ as the fringe gets longer, hiding what was once an old fringe and adding instant glamour to the overall style,” says Barton. It might be called a “cheat,” but surely, this is one of the most stylish ways to disguise a long fringe? As Barton notes, hair grows about 1.5 centimeters on average per month, so if you’re planning on getting a fringe trim, this is a good in-between option.

I don’t think accessories get cuter than these. These pastel hair clips are practical and perfect for summer holidays.


Yes, hair clips can be handy and sophisticated. These clips prove that you don’t need to let a grown-out fringe ruin a look.

Get Booked In



If you’re sure you want to ditch your fringe, use the above options until about three months into your growing-out phase. “At around 12 weeks from growing out a fringe, ask your stylist to start adjusting the lengths around the front to accommodate the new longer-length fringe, incorporating it into the overall look,” says Barton. “Centre-parted curtain bangs are an instant update as the fringe goes from brow length to cheekbone length, too.”

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