5 Ways to Make This Holiday Season the Best One Yet

It’s no secret that holidays are rooted in tradition. While we have many of our own—perhaps going on an annual shopping spree with our mom and sister or ice-skating with our friends—we’d be lying if we said we weren’t interested in knowing how our favourite bloggers do up the most festive time of year. Sure, we see glimpses into their stylish, fast-paced lives on social media, but we don’t really know what goes on when they take some much-needed time off.

To get a peek behind the scenes, we turned to London-based style star Tamara Kalinic of Glam & Glitter, who was game to share some of her own cherished holiday musts with us. "There’s nothing better than gifting a family member and seeing their face as they tear the wrapping paper,” says Kalinic, who admits that she also enjoys splurging on herself, too.

“I often wrap presents for myself and put them under the Christmas tree. There’s nothing quite like waking up to a white Cartier box with a perfectly tied red bow." That way you'll get exactly what you want for the holidays. Want to know other ways Kalinic makes the most out of the holidays? Scroll down for her five tips for unwrapping the best holiday season yet.


Be an Organised Shopper

“I usually start planning what I’m going to gift at the start of November, and then start shopping in December,” says Kalinic. “My favourite thing is buying presents that I know my loved ones wouldn’t get for themselves because they’re too modest or humble—it’s the perfect time to spoil them.”

Get in the Festive Spirit

“My favourite part about the holidays is living in the moment and enjoying the spirit to the max,” Kalinic tells us. “I can’t resist holiday-themed music and movies, burning my go-to seasonal candles, and decorating my home.”

Create a Go-To Holiday Outfit 

“I like to be comfortable, cosy and stylish,” the blogger notes. “Luckily, my wardrobe is full of oversize knits and over-the-knee socks, so I usually live in those pieces this time of year.”

Surprise Your Loved Ones 

Kalinic was raised in Serbia but now lives in England, so she knows the importance of spending time with loved ones. “I always make sure to make the most out of the holidays with my family,” she tells us. “I love being back at my parents’ house, spending time by the fireplace and eating treats.”

Find the Perfect Gift

“The holiday season is all about love. Love for your friends, family, partner and the city you live in,” Kalinic says. “I think that a Cartier Love Bracelet is so much more than just a material object. It represents love, eternity and emotions all bundled into a beautiful piece of jewelry that’s classic and can be worn forever.”

Shop Cartier Gifts

What are some of your favourite holiday traditions? Tell us in the comments below.

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