This Is the Quickest Way to Get Dressed in the Morning

Welcome to Who What Wear UK’s first-ever Wellness Week. With that back-to-school feeling in the air, we thought what better time to hit reset on the health and happiness of yourself and your wardrobe. From uplifting outfits to savvy ways to update your look to the psychology of our purchasing habits to the pyjamas that will help you get some extra z’s, check back all week for a daily boost of style success. 

Need more sleep? Want to squeeze in an early gym session? Or maybe you want to luxuriate over your breakfast bircher for that extra 10 minutes? We hear you on all fronts. Whatever your motivation is for cutting down your wardrobe regimen in the morning, we’ve got a surefire five-pronged method that’ll save you time on the bright side of the clock so you can get ready really fast every morning. What’s more, following these simple style steps will ensure that every time you step out of your front door, you are able to roll with whatever the day throws at you, at your sartorial best.

Scroll down to find out how to get dressed the best (and really quickly).

Organise Your Wardrobe

The chicest candles ever. 

This doesn’t need to be a lifetime project of documenting every garment down to the last cashmere sock. Au contraire! It can be a simple process of ordering your clothes into categories: on-duty formal, on-duty relaxed, off-duty weekend, off-duty smart, etc. Or maybe you live life via colour and like to see your threads hang like a rainbow. The most organised wardrobes have capsules of prearranged outfits that have room for fresh accessories to switch up a look and add flair. However you wish to arrange your clothes, do so in a way that reflects your personality and makes choosing the appropriate outfit breezy and stress-free. Make sure that your dressing area and bedroom is as relaxed an environment as possible; short-circuit to a peaceful space with luxury candles.

Wise Up on the Weather Forecast

The button detail is what does it for us. 

It’s all very well having a great look planned for the next day, only to open the curtain, see rain clouds and realise that your white shirt is not going to fair well in a downpour. Rather than be derailed or surprised by what’s in store when the blinds go up, be your own meteorological researcher and check the night before. That way you can work in that optional trench coat and incorporate it into your look, or factor in one less layer so the mercury can rise (here’s hoping, London).

Do the Practical Reality Check

We’re not getting over millennial pink any time soon.

Time to start layering up for autumn.

This is great for smartening up jeans and a T-shirt. 

Open your diary the night before and clock what type of a day you have ahead of you. If it’s back-to-back meetings and then a night with the girls, you’ll want to wear something that can transition from boardroom to bar with ease, like a chic midi dress that you can add or subtract a smart or relaxed jacket as the occasion calls. Most morning wardrobe dilemmas occur when one has to wrestle with playing beat the clock and thinking pragmatically about what will work in your fast-paced real life.

The sheer panel makes this ideal for a night out as well as the office. 

Pair with a roll-neck for a daytime look.

Once you’ve got the next day’s twists and turns sussed, pull together every element of your look from silk scarf to bra, top, jacket, trousers or dress. Coco Chanel famously suggested that every woman should remove one accessory before leaving the house, so keep those wise words in mind when stacking up items from your fashion armoury. If in doubt on what to wear, go for a dress or jumpsuit so that all you really need to consider is which shoes and cover-up to reach for, depending on the season.

Be Handbag-Ready

This bag is a favourite of the Who What Wear team. 

Because sometimes you need a backpack.

Now that your look is hung up (or slung across your chaise lounge—we don’t judge), it’s time to turn to your handbag. Do you have your credit cards, keys, phone charged, bento box restocked and water bottle at the ready? If you’re going for lightning speed at 6 a.m., this military-style organisation may seem a bit intense, but when you alarm goes off or your Jawbone fitness tracker buzzes, you can bounce out of bed knowing all you need to do whizz through the motions without a single curtailing thought. Tomorrow, bring it.

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