5 Easy Tricks to Get More Instagram Followers

If you are a warm-blooded human being, then you spend an average of 257 minutes a month on Instagram—this according to new results from social media analytics tracking company Piqora. And if you’re a warm-blooded follower of fashion, then that number is probably more in the upper hundreds-1,000 range—even 30 minutes a day on Instagram will put you at 1,000 total minutes each month. (And if we’re being honest, 30 minutes isn’t really that much, is it?)

Having said that, considering how much time we all spend on the popular social media platform, we all know how important followers are. Across the board, the trend seems to be that the more followers you have, the more valuable you are—at least on Instagram. To give you a little perspective, Kim Kardashian has 18.5 million followers—yours truly “only” has around 600. The room for growth is huge.

A study released near the end of 2013 discovered eight interesting new trends about how people use and engage with Instagram. From that study, we’ve devised five ways to boost your followers with relatively easy, small changes to your Instagramming habits.

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The study reveals that while the hashtag #nofilter is by far the most popular hashtag on Instagram, actually using no filter on your images negatively impacts their effect.  The filter Mayfair, however, created the most interactions across the board, with an average of 23 likes and comments per post.

According to the study, Instagram holds steady all day long, 24/7, when it comes to interactions with photo posts. This means whether you post an image in the morning, on your lunch break, or in the evening does not affect how likely it is that people will like or comment on it. 

Instagram videos, however, are a totally different game. The study reveals that videos perform much better during off-work hours—i.e., between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. EST. The reason for this? Pretty simple. People don’t want their phones making loud and distracting noises during work hours. If you want to get maximum traction on your Instagram videos, hold off on posting them until you’re not at work.

While some consider it a social media faux pas to use too many hashtags on one photo, the numbers suggest otherwise: Amongst users with less than 1,000 total followers, posts with an average of a whopping 11 hashtags performed the best with an average of 78 likes and comments. The lesson here: The hashtags might look a bit distasteful, but if you want more interactions and followers, you should be using them freely.

The study found that the most popular day to post to Instagram is Thursday, but it’s not the day that is most effective to post. Posts created on Sundays and Mondays have by far the most reach. 

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