A Celeb Facialist Says to Stop Making This Mistake to Get Glowing Skin

If there's a skincare question I get asked by friends more than any other, it has to be "How do I get glowy skin?" But in all honesty, besides the obvious highlighter recommendations, it can be really tricky to make specific radiance-boosting recommendations when everyone's skin type and complexion concerns are different. So in my quest to help out the glow-seekers amongst us—including myself—I decided it was high time I enlisted the help of an expert. Enter: Shane Cooper. A skincare expert and specialist in bespoke, non-surgical treatments for the face and body with an impressive client list of regulars that includes Rochelle Humes, Maya Jama, Lily Allen and Nick Grimshaw. Basically, if you need your skin looking good for a red carpet event or TV presenting gig, Shane is your guy.

Luckily Shane was only too happy to answer my questions. From the one product we should all start using ASAP to the common skincare mistake that could be preventing us all from enjoying radiant skin, I uncovered a wealth of skin knowledge I've already been putting to good use.

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Keep scrolling to find out how to get glowing skin and to discover the unexpected mistake that might be causing your skin to look a little lacklustre.

Stop Using Too Many Products

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Yes, it turns out the number one mistake that we're all making in our quest to get the glow is overloading our skin with products. "I think less can be more," explained Cooper. "Also, finding the right product that's suitable for your own skin, as we're all completely different. I'd really recommend seeing a dermatologist if you have any skin concerns." Goodbye, seven-step skincare routine.

Start Wearing SPF

While it's clear that the secret to enjoying a glowy complexion is a pared-back skincare routine, what are Cooper's key products? "SPF daily," he told us. "Minimum 30, and in hotter heat, I'd personally use an SPF 50. I tell every client SPF. Prevention is key."

Shop SPF

A clean formula with a matte finish that's great for oilier complexions.

This new launch from Rituals has to be my favourite SPF of the summer. It's so lightweight but high in protection.

Not only does this sunny bottle protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays, but it also protects your skin from signs of ageing.

Start Exfoliating Your Skin

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Cooper's number one recommendation to clients seeking brighter skin is cleansing and exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. The celebrity facialist is also a fan of oxygenating facials and skincare techniques to boost hydration in the skin. Essentially, keeping skin hydrated will do wonders for boosting the brightness of your complexion, explains Cooper.

Excitingly, while Shane's treatments might not be attainable for everyone, he's turning his attention away from the world of celebrity and towards ways that normal folk like us can achieve glowing skin at home. "I'm releasing a new oxygenation anti-ageing mask this year, which I know will suit all skin types," said Cooper. "This is something I've been working on for a long time. It's going to be amazing, [and] all my clients are excited for it."

Shop Exfoliators

If you prefer a liquid exfoliator, you can't go wrong with this one from Victoria Beckham's favourite facialist.

This is a great all-rounder. It uses gentle rice bran to slough away dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling smooth and soft.

Shop Hydrating Sheet Masks

An affordable K-beauty treatment that's saturated with hyaluronic acid—a key ingredient for boosting moisture in the skin.

A bio-cellulose mask drenched with aloe vera and watermelon to plump and hydrate the most parched of complexions.

This fast-working sheet mask gets to work in just minutes. Perfect if you need hydration fast.

The Star-Studded Skin Treatment

Of course, what I really wanted to know was what Shane's celebrity clients ask for when they visited his salon. Turns out we're pretty much all the same. "Every client I look after wants to look like the best version of themselves when they come to my clinic," explained Cooper. To get his clients camera-ready, Shane looks to technology to lend a helping hand: "I use the most advanced technology to keep their skin fresh, youthful and vitalised. My exclusive face treatment combines up to six medical platform machines and my expertise for the most advanced results without going under the knife."

Shop Face Tools to Use at Home

Both Alexa Chung and Victoria Beckham swear by this face tool for delivering professional results at home in just 90 seconds. Having tried it, I can confirm that it's seriously good.

This face tool might look scary, but it could be the key to achieving a major glow at home. Tiny needles pierce the surface of the skin to encourage cell renewal and help your products penetrate more deeply.

This cult electric face cleanser both exfoliates your skin daily and boosts circulation for bright, healthy skin.

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