The Real Difference Between French-Girl and American Style

You already know that French girls nail it in the style department. No matter the occasion, they're somehow always effortless, cool, and elegant. So naturally, we strive to emulate that look in our everyday lives. Well, thanks to Glamour and Isabel Marant (the epitome of French-girl chic), mastering that Parisienne vibe is easier than you think.

"When people ask me what the [style] difference is between French girls and American girls, it's mainly that French girls pass a lot of time pretending like they're not paying attention, while they're doing just that," Marant told Glamour. "It's more a question of attitude." There you have it. Your style really doesn't have anything to do with your geography, but rather how you wear it. Walk with confidence and you can easily come across like Jeanne Damas or Clémence Poésy.

If you're still looking to add some Parisian touches to your wardrobe, scroll below to shop a few (très chic) finds.