5 Ways to Know You're Well Dressed—Without Using a Mirror

When it comes to getting dressed every day, there's a going assumption that we'd like to bring into question right here and now: that you need a mirror (or, in the modern times we inhabit, a selfie-capable mobile device). 

As women, we often find ourselves in situations where we are forced to get ready without the aid of a reflective or photo-taking device: after an unexpected stay at a significant other's place (what is it with most men not having full-length mirrors in their apartments?!), at work, and even sometimes (let's be honest) in a car. 

So, to help you along in this process of getting dress (successfully!) without a mirror or phone, we came up with some tried-and-true tips to get the job done. Keep scrolling for five ways to know you're well dressed, without a mirror!