Get Curves in All the Right Places: 5 Tips to Try Now

Do you ever wish you could decide which parts of your body had gorgeous, figure-flattering curves? After all, who wouldn’t want J.Lo’s hips or Beyonce’s waist in a heartbeat? But as we all know, creating curves in the right places isn’t easy, which is why wearing the right clothes can help. Whether it’s a form-fitting blazer that accentuates your hips or high-waisted jeans to enhance your derrière, check out our tips.

Below are five tips that will give you all the curves in the right places!

Want to whittle your waist while showing off your lower body curves? Structured blazers will do the trick. By diminishing your waistline, in addition to accentuating your hips and rear, they highlight your figure’s best curvy features.

Ruffle blouses are the easiest way to create the illusion of a bigger bust. The extra fabric around the chest area can trick the eye into thinking you have more curves up top.

By belting a dress or even a long sweater at the natural waist, your mid-section will appear much smaller while your hips appear curvier.

If you’re looking for a fuller derrière, make high-waisted jeans your go-to. The cut, which sits high on the waist, lifts up your bum and makes your rear appear rounder.

Wrap tops are a win-win, since they taper in toward the waist, making it appear smaller.

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